Capital Pool Corporations (CPC)

Alix Resources

Alix Resources (TSXV: AIX) is a Mining Exploration company with a large Property Inventory Allows for Year Round Exploration & Increased Opportunity for Significant Discoveries. They have acquired 11 precious and base metals properties in Alaska, Nunavut Territory and Arizona. Work programs are underway on most of them either as joint ventures with partners such as Andover Ventures Inc., Bolero Resources and Millrock Resources or as our wholly owned and funded projects. Alix plans to fast track exploration where possible and also continues to search other projects and properties, which may fit our criteria.

More information Alix can be found on there website Alix was NPN Financial Partners First CPC that was called NPN Investment Group and it complete its Qualifying Transaction on July 26th, 2007.

Panda Capital Corporation

Panada Capital Corporation (TSXV: PDA.P) is currently looking for its Qualifying Transaction has been created by an internationally based team that has been directly involved in over 11 CPCs. Some of the NPN Financial Partner members make up part of this team of strong operators with experience capitalizing, growing and exiting companies.

More information Panda can be found on their website

YOW Capital Corporation

YOW Capital Corporation (TSXV: YOW.P) is currently looking for its Qualifying Transaction.

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