Project Details

Qualifying TransactionGHP Noetic Science-Psychedelic Pharma Inc. & Xcyte Digital Corp.

Xcyte is an event technology aggregation and development company providing technology and support services to their clients in order to facilitate virtual and hybrid events.

Xcyte has a portfolio of technologies, including: (i) audio and web conferencing and virtual events (through its Infinite Conferencing, Inc. segment); (ii) webcasting services (through its Webcasting segment); (iii) steaming media platform services (through its Digital Media Streaming segment); and (iv) metaverse solutions lead generation and online communities (through its LeadGenFirst segment); (v) its Event Tech Marketplace, an online portal covering the virtual event market; and (vi) its virtual event business, which includes an event subscription service, clients, production and support personnel, tools, databases of virtual event construction components and extensive experience in designing, building and producing virtual events, as well as the underlying intellectual property. The Xcyte includes, but are not limited to, the above, including their underlying intellectual property as well as its VoipFirstMedia portal and Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference properties.

if you are interested in finding out more about this transaction or investing in the Qualifying Transaction please reach out to Paul Barbeau.